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Since 1987, Harris Orthogon GmbH has been a leading provider of air traffic queue optimization, demand-capacity management, traffic flow management, and visualization solutions to the Air Traffic Management and Airport industries. Harris Orthogon GmbH is headquartered in Bremen, Germany and is a full subsidiary of the Harris Corporation.

The Orthogon staff forms the strong foundation of our company. Every single employee is passionate about teaming with our customers – and listening. Listening to what is needed, aiding in understanding the root of a problem, and working on how the problem can be addressed. With love and joy for what we do, and on par with our customers, we solve the challenge at hand.

Our professionals stem from a wide variety of fields. Customers enjoy the expertise of ATM/ATC specialists, computer scientists and IT specialists, transportation engineers, physicists, mathematicians, quality assurance specialists, human factors professionals and people from many other fields.

Based on this, Harris Orthogon created a strong legacy of customer understanding, technical and operational excellence. Orthogon innovates. We push boundaries. We go that extra mile. And we stand out in the crowd, because we embrace the lessons we’ve learned.

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  • Founded 1987 in Bremen, Germany
  • First operational reference: Zurich Arrival Manager (2001)
  • Accumulated, our systems are operational for almost 50 years

Our flagship products include:

Customers of our queue optimization, capacity and flow management solutions include:

  • NATS (UK) – London Heathrow, Gatwick Airport
  • Gatwick Airport (UK)
  • Skyguide (Switzerland) – Zurich Airport
  • Avinor (Norway) – Oslo Airport
  • DHMI (Turkey) – Istanbul Atatürk Airport
  • Nav Canada (Canada) – Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal airports
  • CAAS (Singapore)
  • Changi Airport (Singapore)
  • HK CAD (Hong Kong)
  • Airways New Zealand (New Zealand) – Auckland Airport
  • CAA (Qatar) – Doha Hamad International Airport
  • Guangzhou Barnan Technology Co. Ltd. (China) – Xi’an, Shenyang, Urumqi airports