Orthogon Airport Suite

Create a synchronized air traffic and airside flow
Building the bridge

Get the most out of your airspace and airside capacity with the Orthogon Airport Suite

Supported by international aviation initiatives and in compliance to ICAO ASBU as well as SESAR Deployment objectives, the Orthogon Airport Suite solves the most complex airport constraints - resulting in benefits for all stakeholders.

Harris Orthogon’s 30 years of aviation background and implementation track record have helped major airports to solve their airside constraints. One of the main objectives is to support the airport journey from A-CDM to APOC to AOP:

  • Enhancing the A-CDM process at Heathrow Airport and Changi Airport
  • Connecting air traffic control to the airport airside at Oslo, Gatwick and Hong Kong
  • Enabling the world’s first operational rolling AOP for London
  • Providing better dynamic airside resource management at a major airport in North America (announcement will follow shortly)
The Orthogon Airport Suite improves your airport´s airside management on a strategic, budgetary and operational level
– no matter how high the aircraft traffic
Our Products

Orthogon Airport Suite


Demand Capacity Balancing

Demand Capacity Balancing enables intelligent arrivals and the world’s first rolling predictive Airport Operations Planning tool to better manage airport operational uncertainties proactively at large capacity constrained airports managing peaks of arrival traffic.

Pre-Departure Sequencer

The Orthogon Pre-Departure Sequencer provides all capabilities required for Airport-CDM implementations by optimizing the times which aircrafts are planned to depart from their stand and is ready to be easily synchronized with our more functional DMAN.


Our team is exited to show you the new Orthogon Airport Suite. Contact us to for an exclusive product demonstration or to talk about your airport challenges.