Productivity and Performance For Human Machine Interface Development

Graphical User Interface Design Software for ATM Controller Working Position Development

ODS Toolbox™ for ATC Display Development

Harris Orthogon’s ODS Toolbox™ is a proven air traffic control software solution that enables a team of experts to create high-performance user interface applications for air traffic controllers and airport operators while keeping development time and cost at a minimum. Display systems developed with ODS Toolbox™ allow visualizing an almost unlimited number of highly dynamic objects in near real-time. ODS Toolbox™ merges a variety of external information, such as flight plan or track data, radar sources, map data, and weather data.


ODS Toolbox™ is a development environment for high performance operational display systems required in mission-critical domains such as Air Traffic Control, Airport Operations and Air Defense. It is ideal for the development of systems that require a human machine interface (HMI) displaying large amounts of dynamic objects in an environment requiring high human-machine inter action. ODS Toolbox™ supports the complete software development life cycle from design, prototyping, development and testing through operational deployment, usage and maintenance.


Harris Orthogon developed the ODS Toolbox™ in partnership with leading Air Navigation Service Providers and system integrators to meet very stringent safety-critical ATC requirements. Harris Orthogon is proud to count Eurocontrol, FAA, Thales ATM, Airbus Defence and Lockheed Martin as lifelong customers. We have provided and continue offering flexible and dedicated long-term support services around the clock. From on-site engineering support through training and help desk support, the Harris Orthogon team is committed to assisting our customers develop, deploy, and maintain their operational systems throughout their life cycles.


  • User Friendly Operation: the kernel, Development Components, Service and Application Components of ODS Toolbox™ offer user interface experts a wealth of possibilities.
  • Productivity Without Boundaries: ODS Toolbox™ is the only air traffic control oriented development toolkit out there. That’s why the pre-developed air traffic management components of ODS Toolbox™ can give your user interface development team a productivity boost.
  • Unprecedented Display Performance: the exceptional performance of ODS Toolbox™ allows displaying an almost unlimited variety of highly dynamic objects without loss of performance.
  • Secure Investment: with its portability across all major operating and graphics platforms, ODS Toolbox™ is ready for the future.
  • Global Customer References: ODS Toolbox™ is the result of 15 years of development, driven by customer requirements. Major Air Navigation Service Providers and System Integrators specialized in air traffic management worldwide have made ODS Toolbox™ what it is today.


  • Graphic Components: equipped with a complete set of interactive graphics components required for ATC application development
  • ATC Visualization: high performance drawing engine manages object layering, fast rendering and automates fine grained interactions
  • Runtime Kernel: proved best-performance runtime libraries for interactive graphics, communication and application data flow
  • Development Support: complete set of HTML-based user manuals and reference documentation


ATC User Interface Development

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