Arrival Optimization

Optimizing Arriving Traffic Into Capacity Constrained Terminal Movement Areas and Airports

ORTHOGON Arrival Manager

The ORTHOGON Arrival Manager (AMAN) is an essential application used by air traffic controllers to efficiently manage and sequence flights arriving at busy airports while making best use of available terminal airspace and runway capacities. The ORTHOGON AMAN can also be used in situations where the airport has multiple runway configurations and in highly complex terminal environments that include multiple airports.


The AMAN is typically managed from a dedicated controller working position (e.g., Supervisor) whose function is to determine the overall arrival management strategy for a busy terminal movement area (TMA). Using the AMAN capabilities, the arrival plan is shared with controllers working in the Approach Control (APP) for arrival sequence optimization and in the Area Control Center (ACC) for efficient metering of the arrival traffic into the terminal movement area. The AMAN can also be integrated in the tower where controllers receive more precise landing time predictions.


Since 2001, the Harris Orthogon’s ORTHOGON AMAN has been successfully deployed globally. The strong technical competence and operational experiences gained throughout previous projects allows Harris Orthogon to offer and implement a decision support solution that is fully tailored to the individual needs of the customer. The system offers a set of advanced features like route, holding and speed advices, calculation of take-off times for short-route flights and what-if probing. These advanced features can optionally be used to adapt each AMAN installation to the procedural specifics of each customer. They allow for more efficient flight operations and reduce aircraft holding times and delays to a minimum.


Key components of the Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) can be achieved with the ORTHOGON AMAN. For instance, the system provides extended arrival metering functionality, which also is mandated for selected airports by the European SESAR Pilot Common Project (PCP).


  • Improved predictability and stability of arriving aircraft sequences resulting in reduction in holding stacks and delays
  • Improved fuel-efficiency by absorbing delay at higher altitudes, offering significant benefits due to corresponding fuel savings and reduced emissions
  • Increased utilization of runway capacity enabled by optimized sequencing of  arrival flights
  • Reduced controller workload due to early metering of traffic flows and smoothened traffic peaks


  • Mature and operationally proven Arrival Manager worldwide (first installation in 2001)
  • Deployed as a stand-alone system or seamlessly integrated with existing ATM automation system
  • Provides a large number of advanced functions
  • Can be deployed as a coupled Arrival-Departure Management solution (successfully validated in SESAR)
  • Enables SESAR solutions such as, Point Merge System (PMS) and Extended Arrival Management (E-AMAN)


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"We have been working with the OSYRIS Arrival Manager for over a year now and we couldn't miss it for a single day."

Kristian Pjaaten, Avinor’s AMAN Project Manager

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