Departure Optimization

Supporting Airport CDM and Maximizing Runway Throughput

ORTHOGON Departure Manager

The ORTHOGON Departure Manager (DMAN) provides optimized planning of outbound flights based on selectable planning and optimization strategies. DMAN maximizes runway capacity utilization, minimizes fuel burn and provides significant improvements of outbound traffic predictability.


It provides all Pre-Departure Sequencing capabilities required for an Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) implementation, including the calculation of Target Take-Off Times (TTOT) and Target Start-Up Approval Times (TSAT).


The ORTHOGON DMAN is operational at London Gatwick Airport. Moreover, ORTHOGON DMAN is being deployed at Atatürk Airport (Istanbul) and Doha Hamad International Airport (Qatar). The ORTHOGON Pre-Departure Sequencer is being deployed at Changi Airport (Singapore).


The ORTHOGON DMAN enables Air Navigation Service Providers and airports to implement functionalities that are referenced in the ICAO Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) (e.g., coupled AMAN-DMAN) and that are addressed by the SESAR Pilot Common Project (PCP) (e.g., integration of surface constraints).


  • Increased Operational Predictability: all airport stakeholders achieve significantly increased predictability of the outbound traffic
  • Increased Airport Capacity: enhanced tactical scheduling, facilitating the implementation of changes to runway configuration resulting in maximized runway throughput rates
  • Considerable Reductions in Taxi-Out Times and Lower Operational Costs: significant reduction in fuel burn due to reduced taxi times and waiting times on engines
  • Decreased Environmental Impact: significant reduction in CO2 and NOX emission due to reduced taxi times and waiting times on engines
  • Improved On Time Performance (OTP): consideration of flight schedules when optimizing the departure sequence


  • Includes core elements of Airport-Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM)
  • Provides a large number of advanced functions, such as the consideration of Minimum Departure Intervals (MDIs)
  • Can be coupled with an Arrival Manager
  • Easy to integrate with existing A-SMGCS and Electronic Flight Strips (EFS) Systems
  • User friendly HMI


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"Throughout Gatwick's A-CDM 55 program, Harris Orthogon has provided a high quality product and service delivery."

Chris Howell, Head of Business Systems - Gatwick Airport IT

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