"Throughout Gatwick's A-CDM 55 program, Harris Orthogon has provided a high quality product and service delivery."

Chris Howell, Head of Business Systems - Gatwick Airport IT

OSYRIS Departure Manager Delivering Operational Benefits for Gatwick’s Airport CDM Program

Gatwick Airport (EGKK, LGW) is the UK’s second largest airport and the busiest mixed-mode single-runway airport in the world. In 2015 it served more than 200 destinations in 90 countries with more than 40 million passengers a year on short and long-haul point-to-point services.  During that year Gatwick welcomed 40.3 million passengers– a global record for a single runway airport. Gatwick’s Airport CDM Program (ACDM55) has allowed GAL to operate up to 55 scheduled movements an hour and over 800 flights per day on the single runway. In July and August of 2015 Gatwick Airport recorded several days in excess of 900 movements.


Gatwick Airport’s A-CDM Performance Goals 


In order to improve efficiency of the existing high density operations while enabling further growth of the airport, Gatwick Airport Limited (GAL) implemented Airport CDM, e.g. with the objectives to increase operational predictability and to optimize airport capacity and resource utilization. Through the Airport CDM program GAL increases real-time information sharing amongst the many airport stakeholders, supported a deployment of the OSYRIS Departure Manager (DMAN) developed and implemented by Harris Orthogon.


OSYRIS DMAN is a Core Element of Airport CDM at Gatwick Airport


Gatwick Airport chose the OSYRIS DMAN as a core element of their Airport CDM because it was the most advanced DMAN on the market and Harris Orthogon’s experience and track record in developing and deploying proven queue management solutions that improve capacity and optimize operations on the surface and airspaces surrounding constrained airports. Since May 2014, the OSYRIS Departure Manager (DMAN) system has been in continuous operation throughout Gatwick’s busiest summer, including during periods where the airport set records for most movements in a day on a single mixed-mode runway.


The OSYRIS DMAN provides the core Pre-Departure Sequencing (PDS) and planning functions, such as the stable generation of Target Start-Up Approval Times (TSAT), that are required for Airport CDM. Moreover, OSYRIS DMAN supports the Gatwick Air Traffic Control Tower in managing departure flows through a number of advanced functions, such as the consideration of Minimum Departure Intervals (MDIs). The result of the sequencing process is displayed on the DMAN HMI for controller working positions including Clearance Delivery, Ground Control and Runway Control and distributed to the Airport Operational Database (AODB) for common situational awareness.


Additionally, the OSYRIS DMAN provides accurate, predicted Target Take Off Times (TTOT) for each flight, taking multiple constraints and user preferences into account. This information is sent as part of Gatwick’s departure planning information (DPI) messages to the Eurocontrol’s Network Management Operations Center (NMOC). This concept of operation is in line with the SESAR concept for maximizing airport throughput and integrating surface operations into the air traffic network.


Gatwick’s stakeholders have achieved numerous benefits through the implementation of Airport CDM and OSYRIS Departure Manager


  • Increased Airport Capacity: Runway capacity utilization is improved through the departure sequence optimization. In August 2015, a world record of 934 movements on one mixed-mode runway on a single day was achieved at Gatwick Airport.
  • Improved Predictability: All Gatwick Airport stakeholders achieve significantly increased predictability of the outbound traffic (especially in the case of predicted delays).
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: This is achieved by reducing holding times at the departure runway and with less delay during taxi out. Efficiency and environmental sustainability are strengthened due to reductions in fuel burn, greenhouse gas and noise emissions.


Gatwick Airport Limited and their implementation partners were recognized by EUROCONTROL for the successful implementation of Airport CDM in 2014.

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