"The introduction of Harris Orthogon's AMAN software significantly improves the efficiency of arrival sequencing and achieves more on-time arrivals."

Richard Wu, Assistant Director-General of Civil Aviation, Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department

OSYRIS Improves Arrival Efficiency & Capacity of Hong Kong Terminal Maneuvering Area

The Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) at Chek Lap Kok is the first busiest airport in the world for air cargo tonnage and the third busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger traffic. The close proximity of other four major airports in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) Region, having strong air traffic growth, with airspace operating by three different Air Navigation Services Providers creates a highly complex airspace system with heavily interacting air traffic flow. The standalone Orthogon OSYRIS AMAN has been in operational use in the HKIA since 2009 that improves the efficiency of arrival sequence and achieves more on time arrivals.


According to ICAO Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) increased runway throughput and arrival rates can be achieved through harmonized arriving traffic flow from the en-route environment into terminal movement areas. Accordingly, during their modernization program, the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department (CAD) selected, through an open tender exercise, the Raytheon AutoTrac 3 Air Traffic Management System (ATMS). The Harris Orthogon AMAN will be fully integrated into this system, addressing increased traffic demand and traffic flow management challenges. The highly flexible and adaptable system was customized to meet the many constraints imposed by the airspace and route structure and by the control procedures of the Hong Kong Flight Information Region (FIR).


Upon commissioning of the new integrated system at CAD Headquarters, it is expected that the integrated ATMS and AMAN enhances the operational efficiency and handling capability of arrivals into HKIA. The expected operational benefits of the integrated AMAN system are:


  1. Centralized display of information to the controllers,
  2. Instantaneous display of operational parameters, such as landing runway, delay and route in the data tag, and
  3. Use of comprehensive data from the latest sensor technology e.g. ADS-B.


The Hong Kong Arrival Management solution presents Time-to-Lose/Time-to-Gain (TTL/TTG) information to the air traffic controllers to improve efficiency of flights traversing this busy airspace. By digitally presenting TTL/TTG information to all air traffic controllers involved, silent coordination between en-route sectors and flow control positions is supported, and thereby controller workload reduced.


In addition to this basic functionality, the AMAN offers a variety of advanced functions tailored to the specific airspace and operational needs of the Hong Kong FIR. For example, the Automatic Holding Advice Feature supports controllers in delivering traffic in a timely way to downstream sectors. Controllers are also supported in runway balancing or pre-sequencing. The latter is an AMAN process to addresses the asymmetric layout of the Hong Kong FIR and the resulting impact on sequence stability. The arrival sequence is established at an early stage, based on flight plan data, while flights are still outside the FIR boundary. AMAN offers a Weather Mode Feature to support controllers in handling off-track flights during adverse weather conditions.

Enabling ICAO ASBU

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Maximizing Runway Capacity Utilization

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Since early 2000s, Hong Kong CAD embarked on a series of satellite-based CNS/ATM projects which included requirements for arrival management functionality to support the rapidly growing and complex set of air traffic operations in the dense and busy Hong Kong Terminal Maneuvering Area. As part of CAD’s CNS/ATM program, Harris Orthogon was selected through an open tender exercise to provide a standalone AMAN for use in 2009. The flexibility of the AMAN system allowed the team to adapt the system to meet the constraints imposed by the airspace, the route structure and the unique air traffic procedures used in the Hong Kong FIR. The new ATMS, fully integrated with AMAN, facilitate Hong Kong CAD to manage incoming flights more efficiently, better use of airspace and on-time arrivals to support the continued growth of air traffic at the Hong Kong International Airport.

ORTHOGON Arrival Manager (AMAN)

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