OSYRIS supports Doha to be ready for the future

The Doha Hamad International Airport (DOH), open since April 2014, has been designed to handle the rapid growth in passenger levels and will accommodate Qatar’s aviation needs for the coming decades. Selex ES, a provider of integrated Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems, selected Harris Orthogon’s Arrival and Departure Management software to be fully integrated into its ATM automation system at Doha.


Optimized arrival and departure traffic flows improve efficiency and reduce operational costs and emissions: The OSYRIS AMAN/DMAN serves as a planning tool. The general objective of the OSYRIS Arrival Manager (AMAN) is to manage the flow of arriving aircraft in order to make best use of the available Air Traffic Management (ATM) resources, such as runways and airspace. The OSYRIS Departure Manager (DMAN) provides a consistent optimized planning of the outbound traffic and computes optimized target times at the runway and the stands. Major objectives are to manage the departure traffic at Doha in the most efficient way, ensuring that the available runway capacity utilization is maximized and additional constraints, such as Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) requirements, are fulfilled.


Advanced functions for supreme efficiency and controller support:

  • Extended Arrival Management into Doha Hamad International Airport: AMAN is able to perform Pre-Sequencing based on Flight Plan Data. This functionality allows the inclusion of flights into the arrival sequence at an early stage, and the provision of Controlled/Required Times of Arrival (CTA/RTA) for the automatic processing by onboard Flight Management Systems (FMS).
  • Coupled Arrival and Departure Management: The AMAN and DMAN of the Doha system are also configured be coupled with each other in order to provide integrated arrival-departure operations. Controllers can specify specific arrival-departure pattern (“pack-and-gap”) and individual departure flights can be assigned to selected slots in the arrival sequence.
  • Additional advanced features such as, What-If Probing (available for both, AMAN and DMAN) or Automatic Holding Advice, which supports controllers in delivering arrival traffic in a timely way to downstream sectors, complete the portfolio of highly effective controller support functions.

Arrival Management (AMAN)

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Departure Management (DMAN)

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Extended Arrival Management (E-AMAN)

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Doha Hamad International Airport operates approximately 500 flights per day on two independent parallel runways, and the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority aims to set a new standard in airport and airline efficiency, service and passenger convenience.


Fully integrated into the Selex Main ATM System, OSYRIS AMAN serves as a planning tool supporting Area Control Center (ACC), Approach Control (APP) and Tower (TWR). The DMAN data is made available to Clearance Delivery (CLD), to Apron Control for start-up/push-back sequence optimization, to Ground Control (GND) for efficient metering of the outbound traffic towards the runway line-up positions, and to Tower Control (TWR) for take-off sequence optimization.


The OSYRIS AMAN/DMAN was provided as a main operational, emergency and also as a simulation system.

ORTHOGON Arrival Manager (AMAN)

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ORTHOGON Departure Manager (DMAN)

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